Mac OS X Lion Review – (Developer Preview Copy Feb 2011)

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Uncategorized




Utilities Folder

Disk Encryption Feature


iCal App

Address App

Mail App

Safari App

FaceTime App

Twitter App


Key Deletions from OS:

Java Runtime has been completely remove from the default install (to increase security). Rosetta (use to run PowerPC apps) has been removed from the OS. Front Row (Entertainment app. Similar to Apple TV) removed from Lion. Rumor has it, Lion will be equipped with an Apple TV app.


Noticeable additions to Lion:

Mac OS X Lion Server (included as an additional feature within Mac OS X Lion.), Disk Encryption, Recovery Partition (automatically creates during install), Multi-User Remote Computing (you can connect to a virtual display and see your files), SSD Trim Support (means of coordinating disk use that hasn’t been present in past versions of OS X), View in Spotlight (when you search for an item in Spotlight you can put your mouse on top for a quick Preview of the item or, if the file isn’t supported in Preview, you can see a popup with more information),Migration assistant from PC (Lion lets you connect your PC and migrate files over), PDF Signing in Preview (allows you to sign a small piece of paper, take a picture of it with your built in camera and then insert it into a PDF using Preview), Podcast Publisher (easier to start sharing with the world in OS X Lion with the inclusion of Podcast Publisher), Windows Controls and Gestures (scrolling experience mirrors how you scroll on the iPad or iPhone), Time Machine Without External Hard Drive (Local Snapshots. Backup on your Mac without an external hard drive), iTunes Artwork Screensaver (Hover over a picture to play the song), iChat gains Yahoo support and Live Preview (Yahoo IM right out of the box for video and audio chat. Additionally, if you hover your mouse over a link you’ll see a live preview of the webpage without opening Safari), Super High Resolution Monitor Support (supports HiDPI), and Find My Mac (same feature found on iPad and iPhone).



Thus far, our internal testing of Mac OS X Lion has been positive.  The security focus Apple invested in Lion has been impressive.  As a security professional, the “Find my Mac” feature within Lion is quite appealing. It will let you track your “mis-placed” or “stolen” Mac, then enable you with the option – to remote wipe your drive.  Keep in mind, these findings are just initial testing results (from a 3 day time frame). Our security team will begin deep testing for vulnerabilities next week. We will post those findings soon.




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